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Wei-Shou HuWei-Shou Hu
Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Dr. Hu's research in cell culture technology deals with conventional and macroporous microcarriers, suspension culture, and cell-recycling systems. His recent work in cell culture involves the metabolic control of cell's physiological state and genome wide gene expression analysis of their regulation. He co-authored the textbook Bioseparations. He initiated the Engineering Foundation Conferences on Cell Culture Engineering more than a decade ago which has been among the most important forum of cell culture processing. Current research efforts emphasize employing genomic and proteomic tools in his research projects.


Camille HansonCamille Hanson

Graduate Students

Zion LeeZion Lee

janani_narayan.jpgJanani Narayan

Min LuMin Lu

Meghan McCannMeghan McCann

Conor O'BrienConor O'Brien

Sofie O'BrienSofie O'Brien

Jen OneJen One

Kevin Ortiz-RiveraKevin Ortiz-Rivera

Thu PhanThu Phan

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Recent Graduates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Christopher Stach, 2019
Tung Le, 2018
Hansol Kim, 2018
Arpan Bandyopadhyay, 2018 Merck
David Chau, 2017 3M
Yonsil Park, 2016 LG Chem
Dong Seong Cho, 2016 Mayo Clinic
Ravali Raju, 2015 Biogen
Haiyun Pei, 2015 Beijing Institute of Transfusion Medicine
Hsu-Yuan Fu, 2015 Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB)
Kyoungho Lee, 2015 Sanofi, France
Liang Zhao, 2015 East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
Andrew Yongky, 2014 Bristol-Myers Squibb